RTA has initiated a study to enhance transit service in the northeast section of RTA’s service area.  This study, called RTA’s Red Line HealthLine Extension Study, will identify transportation opportunities that may support and sustain future growth and economic redevelopment in East Cleveland, Euclid, Collinwood, and adjacent communities.  

The study will do this by collaborating and building consensus around successful transit service improvement strategies. The outcomes will guide RTA’s investments for years to come. 

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The project has four goals:

  1. Provide greater service frequency and improved access to high-quality transit,
  2. Improve connectivity to University Circle and Midtown institutions from Euclid,
  3. Define an optimal plan for improved bus and rail transit networks to meet the growing demand for transit service in this area, and
  4. Foster redevelopment in the northeast section of RTA’s service area

Developing the Alternatives

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The Study Team is looking at a number of distinct alternatives - ranging from "No Build" to “Do Minimum” and “Build Alternatives” - and we need your input!

Each build alternative has some key differences, including the type of vehicles it uses, the neighborhoods it goes through, potential impacts on the environment, and others. We want to know your thoughts on the ups and downs of each.

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